Friday, May 8, 2009


The Winds have changed you in every way
I was supposed to see you this very spring
Is it humanity or is it the will of gods?
In my dreams Morpheus told me I will sleep later...

The Wind has changed your every way
I see its action in your every move
I can't believe what's before my eyes
And now its furor nurturing inside of me

The Wind has changed for every day
And now anything has turned primordial
Worlds will need to collide, so it seems
And tomorrow, dearest, I will see you on a different way

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time to Go

Time to go

I sipped all the champagne I could find
Acted like a wanker on Thursday nights
Humanity is everything but your sweet eyes
Could not find anything to cry for at night

But now I feel drench in the ground
Love came very late and I was ready
For you it was just another seasons
And to me it felt just like treason

But still you tainted you hair just for me
Send me those blush response without question
I told you that outside was just here
You told me you would not hear

You discovered my secret resolves
Then you just wanted to destroy them
Thinking you were tapping out my memory
All your regrets were erupting over me

But then again you can't sip champagne
Everything was ethylic sweet dream
Sweet shallow gaze wondering about tomorrow
No wonder you're all lost in sorrow

Wednesday, July 9, 2008



So how many were we my only love?
Hard to say without looking from above
But this we simply chosen to ignore
This was the price to pay for true love....

I was listening to your every request
As you were just all around my chest
You noticed I forgotten everything about me
You enjoyed it was not all about me

As we were spiraling into the unknown
Just to find everything that we own
As no quarrel could stop this creation
It was sure there will be no conclusion

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Outside X

We'll take some time
And I know that you and me it's now
We'll take a ride
just to make sure that it's really now

And there is some worries behind
and there is no problem outside

It takes some pride
Now I know how deep you were talking
It'll takes some spleen
and I'll know I should have listened to you

And there is some problems behind
and there is no worries outside

So then we'll go outside
Just to see our writings on the walls
We'll step aside
Just to see our footsteps in the sands

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Outside Part VIII

Outside Part VIII

And I see your picture All over town
And I know that you won't let me down
And you know I have this music thing

Something to ease the longing
So that I can keep on planning
'Cos yesterday I was hankering

And you know that I'm never alone
Even walking solitary outside
As smiles can save this kingdom

And I don't need your photograph
As I remember your devoted voice
As the many seas in your choice

And just when I was about to forget
Again and again this sweet song
And I will touch your sweet voice

And I was just about to forget
When you appeared and confessed your love
just to be gone for even better

And I will see you there
And I will see you then
And now I will just go on

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Outside Part III

Outside Part III

Forgotten sounds, unfinished business
And good songs have too finish...
Just when you're in the motion
But we'll get there again

Feels like I can reach its core
Seems like I will touch the floor
Look Like I will need it very more
Sounds like being on its shore

And I could not care less
I took the occasion to make a wish
Up to my forgotten expectation
And I know this won't be in vain

Feels like I will start flying
Seems like tension is spreading
Look Like I will start praying
Sounds like an alien speaking